Minister of Youth & Missions

Leah Harlow, Minister of Youth & Missions

I am blessed to be called to take part in the wonderful work God already has going on in Wake Forest Baptist Church, and look forward to seeing how my gifts can be used to help others encounter God’s grace and love.

Jeremiah 29:11 has impacted my life and walk with God greatly. It has provided assurance that my life is guided by his hand, and that he has already prepared the way for me to minister to others. It is wonderful to know that we serve a God so close to us to know us by name, and yet so big that he set the entire universe in place! As children of God, each of us are called to trust in him and join in his work, and that has been my calling; to join in where God is at work and be the best steward I can be of the gifts God has given me. A coworker of mine recently said that the word she most associated with me was “underdog”. She said she associated that word with me because of my heart and compassion for others, especially those who have little hope. God has given me a passion for serving others, and the gift of compassion to meet people where they are.

I look forward to seeing how God continues to use these gifts as well as the other gifts he has given me to join in the ministries at Wake Forest Baptist Church.

Leah graduated from Bluefield College in 2008 and earned her Master of Divinity degree from John Leland Center in 2017.  She was ordained at Wake Forest Baptist Church in 2018.


ALL Wednesday night activities are canceled for February 20 due to issues with sewer lines in the building.