Diaconate Ministry at Wake Forest Baptist

The name “Deacon” originates from the Greek word diakonos meaning servant or minister.  In the early church, deacons were chosen as servants, ensuring the physical need of hunger was met.  At Wake Forest Baptist Church today, men and women are nominated, selected, and set aside by the church membership to assist in ministering to both the physical and spiritual needs of all the members of the body of Christ.  Deacons create healing at important times in people’s lives and work to build hope in ways that clearly remind people of their connectedness to God and to each other.  While some deacons are formally called to compassionately serve and meet the needs of others around us, Wake Forest Baptist Church believes all members are likewise called to serve in some way.  In our church’s core values, we note that Every Member is a Minister. 

2018 Deacons

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