International Missions

International Mission Goals

  • To provide a year-long international mission experience that will contribute to the development of servant-leaders for the church.
  • To utilize international settings for equipping youth and adults in the church with cross-cultural skills through service and relationship building.
  • To provide engaging and challenging opportunities that will result in youth and adults who are both globally formed and globally informed.
  • To provide youth and adults with opportunities to grow in their faith and to better understand their place in God’s world.
  • To share the gifts and stories of the global church and community with communities around the world.


Uganda Team

The Uganda Team works to support the ministry of Embrace Uganda. We support this ministry through information, relationships, partnerships on projects and joint mission trips to Uganda.


Embrace Uganda

Since the fall of 2007, Embrace Uganda has engaged in raising awareness and garnering resources to serve the children whom we have met in Uganda. All of our work has been done in partnership with our Ugandan friends and partners who help us to identify and prioritize needs, as we realize that we will not be able to meet all concerns to the extent and with the urgency that we would like to. Our goal is to encourage and empower a generation of orphans, one village at a time by facilitating and fostering personal relationships between Ugandan and American children and youth, as well as nurturing adults in both countries.  For more information about t

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Bahamas Team

When people hear about the Bahamas they often think resorts, beaches, and sunsets. The Bahamas definitely has all of those things but there is also so much more. The WFBC Bahamas Team partners with Bahamas Methodist Habitat to aid in Hurricane relief, house repairs, and community development. Yes, you did read that correctly Baptist and Methodist coming together to serve as Christ’s Church. Bahamas mission team is dedicated to serving the Bahamian people and building relationships with the community.

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Haiti Team

Since the earthquake in 2010 the Haiti Team has been working with the North Carolina Baptist Men to aid in Disaster Relief there. WE have sent two volunteer teams to help with constructing permanent homes and providing medical care in out-patient clinics.

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ALL Wednesday night activities are canceled for February 20 due to issues with sewer lines in the building.