Local Missions

Good Neighbor Ministry Team

The Good Neighbor Ministry (GNM) is active every Saturday morning for the purpose of building community relations and goodwill.  Volunteers come together in the parking lot of the Alston-Massenburg Center at 398 N. Taylor Street, Wake Forest to serve area residents. The GNM was the dream made reality of a youth from WFBC who attended a mission trip to New York in the summer of 2005.  She witnessed first hand the difference the feeding bus miinistry made on the streets of New York and quickly made the correlation to see what a difference such a ministry could make in the community back home.  Opportunities are currently available to serve in the GNM.  If you have a couple of hours on a Saturday morning to offer food and a smile to others, this ministry is for you.  Contact John Frank for information on how to serve with GNM.

Community Connections Garden

At the WFBC Community Connections Garden, our mission is to connect people to their neighbors, the land, and God by using sustainable agriculture to provide fresh, local food for the hungry.  We welcome you to become a part of this great opportunity and mission in our community.  Visit www.wfbccommunitygarden.com for more information.

 NC Partnerships CBF/SBC Team

WFBC continually studies and monitors missions work being done within both the CBF and SBC and evaluates how we can be involved through missions.  We value work being done by both groups and want to be involved whenever possible.

 Regional Opportunities Team

WFBC continually seeks like-minded churches and organizations to partner with on various projects.  This team researches the work being done regionally through other churches and organizations to identify projects that members of WFBC might be interested in participating.  There are many examples of such opportunities that our congregation has become involved with as a result.  These include a holiday project in which individuals baked homemade cakes for the Raleigh Correctional Center for Women’s annual Christmas Party, a church member who now volunteers her time to take her dog to local hospitals as an outreach to patients, collection of items for the annual supply round-up for the Baptist Children’s Homes, and collection of hygiene kits for migrant workers.

 Trees for the Troops Team

Trees for the Troops provides the opportunity for individuals at WFBC as well as surrounding areas the opportunity to adopt Christmas Trees for soldiers and their families that might not otherwise be able to afford to purchase a live Christmas Tree.  The opportunity is also given for participants to help with the distribution of the adopted treed and personally meet the military families.  The idea came about because the average Christmas Tree costs about 25% of a PFC’s weekly base pay.  This would be a large financial burden to bear for many of our soldiers who are laying their lives on the line for our behalf.

 Inter Faith Food Distribution Team

The Inter-Faith Food Shuttle, in the belief that hunger is unacceptable, alleviates hunger by developing systems to recover, prepare and distribute wholesome, perishable food for the area's poor, hungry, undernourished and homeless.  This ministry is active at WFBC in the afternoon of the third Tuesday of each month.  Volunteers are always needed to help with distribution.  Recipients from the community are encouraged to take advantage of this service.  No pre-registration is needed.

 New York Mission Trip

The New York Mission Trip is really a training trip. We send 10-15 adults each year to New York City to work with the New York School of Urban Ministry (NYSUM). We travel to New York and spend a long weekend working with NYSUM to learn more about how to do Urban Ministry. This is an eye opening trip for all who are involved. Our hope is to learn, experience, and open our eyes to new ministry opportunities here in North Carolina and in our own backyards. For more information on NYSUM please visit http://nysum.org/.