Missions and Outreach


WFBC is very affirming of other ministries/organizations that are either promoting Christ or working to benefit their fellow man. We do not place a theological litmus test on a potential ministry partner, but rather, we look closely at their work, to see if they are really about the business of being the "salt of the earth” or changing the world for the better.  We are always looking for other churches and organizations in which to partner.
WFBC financially supports the work of the following organizations in and around Wake Forest:

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship Resource Plan

Wake Forest Baptist Church are supporters of the Resource Plan.  This plan is a way to reach to many local North Carolina ministries as well as the CBF National ministries.  To see the details and many different organizations that we support please visit http://www.cbfnc.org/About/MissionResourcePlan.aspx.

Baptist Peace Fellowship

The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America gathers, equips and mobilizes Baptists to build a culture of peace rooted in justice. They labor with a wonderful array of peacemakers to change the world.  They are called by God to the Gospel of Peace. This calling is rooted in faith in Jesus Christ, who is Peace, in whom God is reconciling the world and through whom God calls to the ministry of peacemaking. Peace is not only their goal, but their means. The foundation of peace is justice. The force of peace is love.

For more information about Baptist Peace Fellowship, visit their website at www.bpfna.org.

 Baptist Women in Ministry (BWIM)

Baptist Women in Ministry is a gender equality ministry.  The goal of BWIM is to be a catalyst in Baptist life, drawing together women and men in partnership with God to illuminate, advocate, and nurture the gifts and graces of women.  For more information about BWIM, visit their website at www.bwim.info.


ChurchNet is a group of 13 churches in Rolesville, Wake Forest, and Youngsville which provide financial assistance to residents of those areas to help with needs such as utility bills, rent payments, etc. ChurchNet follows a screening process to determine who qualifies for assistance and how much they receive. The majority of benevolence offerings collected through WFBC goes to benefit ChurchNet.  The organization is staffed by volunteers, several who are members of WFBC.

The Koinonia Foundation

The Koinonia Foundation is a nondenominational Christian organization dedicated to spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ by serving those in need.  They endeavor to provide financial support for organizations who address human needs that are not otherwise adequately funded.  They also provide support to individuals whose needs are not fully met by other funding organizations. www.sharingcommunity.org