Our Core Values


We are Christians of rich and diverse backgrounds and ideas, whose purpose is to love, care for, and respect all people. We are committed to building relationships with each other through sharing our lives, values, and Christian journeys.


We are Christians with a rich history of missions support at home and abroad. We express this through prayer, financial support, and personal/corporate involvement in seeking new ways to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship / Music

We are Christians who place a high value on preaching, music, and other reverent elements of worship that enable an experience of God that leads to spiritual growth. We honor and practice various styles of worship and music rooted in reverence and holiness.

Pastoral Care & Congregational Ministry

We are Christians who provide ministry and mutual care through love, prayer, and support in all of life's experiences.


Our youth ministry reaches within and beyond our congregation and seeks to integrate youth into ministries of hospitality, compassion, gospel proclamation, and service to the world.


We are Christians who nurture the faith of our children, youth, and adults in becoming active followers of Christ. This is done within the context of our Baptist heritage, which includes the principles of priesthood of the believer and autonomy of the local church.