Prayer Requests & Birthdays

  • Prayers of sympathy to David Hitchcock upon the death of his son, David. He lived in Ecaudor.
  • Hazel Watkins, former long-time nursery worker at WFBC, who is not expected to live much longer. Her 100th birthday party was held here at WFBC.
  • Martha (Marty) Reynolds who is undergoing treatment for cancer. Special prayers for positive results from a March 20 C-scan.
  • Susan Aycock who is recovering from surgery on March 18
  • Kathryn Quigg, who is in Egypt and broke her shoulder after a fall resulting in surgery
  • Hazel Armstrong who has pneumonia
  • Dan Critcher at home dealing with serious health issues
  • Doug Smith who is awaiting treatment for cancer
  • Brenda Joyner who is undergoing treatment for cancer
  • Charlotte Barnes’ niece, Emmett, who continues to have significant medical issues
  • Jeremy Page, son of Jerry and Kathy Page, who is deployed on active military duty
  • Mike Nicholson, Esther Austin’s brother, who is awaiting scans to determine effectiveness of treatments
  • Bill Smalltz, ChurchNet Volunteer, who was recently diagnosed with esophageal cancer


March 16:   Randy Cobb, Shannon Grady, Andrew Homan, Perry King, Laura Hunter Kirk, Daniel McDonald, David Spontak

March 17:   Judy Killebrew, Bishop Lloyd, Jr., Katie Marshall, Sandy Ogburn, Devin Ratte, Avery Wilson

March 18:   Abigal deVries, Ella Weathers, Amelia Wyatt

March 19:  Shannon Heath, Dianne Roper, Shirley Wooten

March 20:  Phillip Averre, Lynnette Beadle, Kevin Breemes, Jackson Jordan, Hunter Steffen, Rebecca Tiffany, Zachary White

March 21:  Hunter Caprell

March 22:  Doug Lilley, Kip Padgett, Tracey Thomas

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