WFBC Committees & Deacons

The following are committees at WFBC.  Committee Chairs are denoted with an asterisk.  For more information or contact information, please call the church office.

Deacons:  John Frank*, Mike Tedder, Ken Barber, Martha Mackie, Adam McIntyre, Mike Dishman, Phil Inscoe, Alice Leonard, Anne Packett, Dave Shannon, Ed Austin, Dorothy Bowman, Deborah Moye, Bob Rhoden, Brian Van Voorhis

Nominating Committee:  Stephen Barrington*, Tracey Thomas, Jay Davis, Samuel Lloyd, James Holding, Matt Baker

Finance: John Wooten*, Renee Shaw, Marty Coward, Allen Overton, Tom Penny, Judy Killebrew, Vince Belanger, Amy Brewer, Marty Bocock

Personnel:  Ron Bowman*, Diane Baker, John Frank, Marty Bocock, Emily Arnold, Sandy Thomason, Randy Screen, Matt Baker

Stewardship:  Bob Beadle*, David Arnold, Debbie Faircloth, Marty Coward, Jeff Renn, Alyson Boone, Jim McNeill, Kathy Page, Mark Dunn

Media Library:  David Hitchcock*, Marie McKay, Genie Clark, Sissy Lee, Becky Starr, Dena Coward, Diane Roper, Carol Day, Jane Wright, Leigh Berrier, Tracy Boyd, Pansy Cox

Wee Care:  Mike Dishman*, Kathy Slater, Diane Roper, Lynnette Beadle, Kathy Kenney, Jon Leary, Amy Mackie, Kathy Van Voorhis, Lisa McLemore

History:  Doug Smith*, Shirley Wooten, Hallie Hearn, Judy Durham, Jeanne Fisher, Beverly Whisnant, Jo Ann Stancil

Long-Range Planning:  Roy Hewitt*, Lee Perry, Justin Walker, Brooks Hill, Paula Goodson, Wayne Bailey, Steve Shaw, Jim Adams, Shannon McNeill

Memorials:  Libby Newton, Hollie Hicks, Haywood Barham, Diane Shannon, Tracie Matthews, Marty Coward, AB Williams, Janie Smith

Safety & Security:  Ted Cieslik, Jon Morgan, Clayton Amidon, Mark Kametches, Steve Wolford, Eric Keravouri, Jimmy Hicks, Joe Baker, Pete Newton

Trustees:  John Wooten, Esther Austin, Jim Adams, Renee Shaw, Wayne Hill, Mike Dishman

Risk Management: John Wooten*, Don Stroud, Mike Perry, Jeff Looper, Renee Shaw


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