Youth Missions

Youth on Mission:  Once a month, our Wednesday night small groups (Ignite) join together to participate in service projects in our community called Youth on Mission.  Youth on Mission (YOM) generates mission-related projects for Wednesday evenings consistent with the vision and scope of the larger church mission.   YOM provides the youth with opportunities for outreach, service, and learning, which are the result of our implementation of the “great commission.”  These opportunities allow our youth to put their faith into action and be the hands and feet of Christ in our community.

Summer Mission TripEvery mission trip seeks to expose our youth to opportunities to share the gospel, and to better serve humanity through acts of selfless service to those in need.  It is an equipping experience to help the youth develop into well-rounded individuals, capable of reflecting God’s love to the world.  The most recent mission trips were to New Orleans, Central Appalachia, New York City, Northern Canada, the Bahamas, and Florida.

Exam Pack Ministry:  Exam Packs are small packages, filled with notes of encouragement and token items of fun and frivolity, sent to students who have graduated from high school and gone on to college. They are intended to be a “pick me up” during final exams. The youth group considers this a ministry to other students, and prepares the packs twice a year prior to exams.

Slam Jam Team:  Slam Jam is an annual 3 on 3 basketball tournament designed to promote activities for at-risk children and youth, mobilize the community for a food-will event, and contribute to racial harmony. Slam Jam was started by a youth from WFBC who realized, while serving at the Hospitality Ministry, that youth of the North East Quadrant needed a secure location where they can freely congregate, socialize, and play.  He organized the first Slam Jam to help advocate restoring the old goals and equipment at the Alston-Massenburg Center by raising the town’s awareness of the park’s need for re-establishment.  At Slam Jam ’07 a petition was signed by over 300 members of the community which helped gain a foothold in revisiting the park’s plan for improvement by the town board.  A direct result of this tournament has been renewed planning for the parks revitalization to benefit the children in this neighborhood.